The Ultimate Guide to the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program

I love President’s Circle Status and Hertz’s Ultimate Choice option at most U.S. airports. Hertz is also now apart of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, so it will be interesting to see the upcoming changes in the program.  

Hertz Ultimate Choice- At most large airports, Hertz offers you your “Ultimate Choice,” which pretty much is any car in the aisle according to your status as long as you booked an intermediate car or above. I am a big fan of this program and it is why I am loyal to Hertz. As a President’s Circle member, I get a very a luxury or sports car about 75% of the time. It does depend on the location and time of day (usually the earlier in the day is better).

Authorized Driver: As a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, your spouse, domestic partner, or co-worker is automatically considered an authorized user, so there is no need to add them to your reservation. If the person you would like to add is not a spouse, domestic partner or co-worker they will need to fill out an Additional Authorized Operator agreement at a Hertz location at an additional charge.

Phone: 888-999-4900

Minimum Age: 18 to join Hertz’s points program. 

Points Transfer- You can transfer points to your spouse or domestic partner as long as (1) they are a Hertz member and (2) they must permanently reside at the same address. 

AAA Discount- List of AAA Codes by State and/or Region

Hertz Elite Status

I recommend always signing up for a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account. It’s free to join and if you are renting from an airport, you can bypass the counter and pick any car in the aisle of your status. I am President Circle, from a previous loophole, and the cars in the President’s Circle line at airports are usually higher end luxury cars and SUVs, like Infintis and BMWs.

You can also Status Match from most other car rental companies. (i.e. if you have top status in National, you can get President’s Circle)


Acquiring Status: Free to join

Benefits: Earn points and fast check in and out. When you reach 8 rentals in a calendar year, you can experience “Five Star for a Day.”

Five Star

Acquiring Status: 12 rentals in a calendar year or spend $2,400 on rentals.

  • Other Ways:
    • Delta Elite Status Gold Medallion
    • United Elite Status: Premier Silver or Gold
    • IHG Spire Elite Status (top tier)
    • Marriott Platinum Premier.
    • American Express Platinum- Give you National Emerald Club Executive status, which you can match to Hertz for Five Star elite status. 
    • Visa Infinite Card (e.g., Chase Sapphire Reserve, US Altitude Reserve, etc.)


  • One-car-class upgrade subject to availability
  • 25% points bonus
  • No additional driver fee for spouse/domestic partner
  • At 16 rentals in a calendar year, you can experience “President Circle for a Day.”

President Circle

Acquiring Status: 20 or more rentals per the calendar year or spend $4,000 on rentals.


  • Confirmed one-car-class upgrade
  • 50% points bonus
  • No additional driver fee for spouse/domestic partner
  • 24- hours guarantee car availability at airport locations
  • At 30 and 40 rentals in a calendar year, you can upgrade to any car on the lot (I would recommend you rent from an airport location, especially one with the Shelby GT-H)
  • After 15th, 20th, and 40th rentals, you can experience the Hertz Valet service, which allows you to drop your rental at the terminal.

Note: Once you earn status in one year, you keep the status for the following year. 

Earning Hertz Points

Earning: 1 points per qualifying dollar on base rental plus optional charges such as fuel, navigation, satellite radio, etc. (1.25 for Five Star and 1.5 for President’s Circle)

Promotions: Rental Car Deals  (from here you can see featured offers, offers for AAA members, destination deals (cheap one-way rentals), and partner offers)

Points Expire: 18 months from inactivity

Airline Partners– You can earn airline points instead of Hertz points with over 60 airlines. The earn rate depends on the airline and many times elite status in that airline (some are 500+ points and some are only 50 points, so check the rate). Additionally, there is sometimes a small daily charge for choosing airline points over Hertz points (e.g., the extra charge for United is 75 cents per day).

Using Hertz Points

Standard vs. Anyday- Hertz doubles the price of using your points during certain times of the year (varies by location).

  • Alternatively, Hertz now offers a set dollar figure off a rental. For example, use 600 points to get $30 off a reservation (5 cents per point) or 400 points for $12 off your reservation (3 cents per point)

Recommendation- The best value by far is a one-way rental. One-way rentals are usually at least $300 for a single day and cost 1325 points, which would give you 23 cents per point of value. My other recommendation would be a two-day weekend rental of one of the Adrenaline Collection cars for 3,300 points, but I have seen the Shelby GT for under $100 a day. The Adrenaline Collection includes the Shelby GT Mustang, Corvette, Camaro SS (convertible and regular), Challenger, and Mustang GT Premium.

Rental Countries- You can only use your Hertz points in the following countries: United States (including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas USVI), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.

Airline Transfers: You can also transfer airline points at a 600 Hertz to 500 Airline point ratio for the following airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Spirit, and United. You can transfer to Southwest at a 600 Hertz to 1,200 Southwest ratio. I value Hertz points more than that, so I advise you only use them for car rentals.

Live Chat- If you only see the option to apply 600 points for $30 off a reservation, you can live chat with Hertz to get them to apply the rates below.

Hertz Award Chart